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ASM 2013 Intermountain Branch Meeting Annoucement

Intermountain Branch Annual Meeting
Saturday, March 9, 2013
Idaho State University

Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Gary M. King
A.C. Pereboom Distinguished Professor of Biology
Louisiana State University

Microbial Trace Gas Biogeochemistry of Terrestrial Volcanic Systems

Abstract/Registration Deadline March 1, 2013
Student Prizes for Posters/Presentations
Registration 7:45 am, Plenary Session 9-10 am
Posters 10-11:30 am, Orals 11:30 am-12:30 pm
 Lunch/Awards/Business 12:30-2:00 pm
More information:

2013 Information

ASM 2013 Intermountain Branch Meeting

DATE/TIME: March 9, 2013; Registration and Poster setup will begin at 7:45 am
Plenary 9 am, Posters 10-11:30, Oral 11:30-12:30, Lunch/Awards/Business 12:30-2 pm

LOCATION: Idaho State University, Pond Student Union Building, Third Floor
Continuing Education Unit contact hours information will be available at registration.

DUE DATE: March 1, 2013 for Registration and Abstract (Form on Page 2)
Please complete registration/abstract form on page 2 and email to:
Conference registration and payment information should be sent to Dr. Weber for receipt by March 1 to assure lunch availability.

ENCLOSED: Page 1—Announcement, Page 2—Registration/Abstract Form, Page 3—Abstract Submission Information, Page 4—Driving Directions. 

Carolyn F. Weber                                         ASM Intermountain Branch Treasurer
Idaho State University                                 Office: (208) 282-2149
921 S. 8th Ave                                              Fax: (208) 282- 4570
Mail Stop 8007                                   
Pocatello, ID 83209

American Society for Microbiology Intermountain Branch 2013 Officers
President: Tim Magnuson, ISU.  Secretary: David Reed, INL. Treasurer: Carolyn Weber, ISU. President Elect: Karen Kesterson, Dugway. Branch Councilor: Matthew Domek, WSU.

Dr. Gary M. King is the A.C. Pereboom Distinguished Professor of Biology at Louisiana State University. His research in the fields of microbial ecology and biogeochemistry focuses on the distribution and activities of microbes that impact the transformation of trace gases (i.e. methane, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, nitric oxide and nitrous oxide), which significantly affect atmospheric chemistry and radiative forcing.  Research efforts in ecosystems ranging from aquatic environments to recent terrestrial volcanic deposits examine the physiological and molecular ecology of such microbes in the context of plant-microbe and animal-microbe interactions.  His work has made significant contributions to our knowledge of the diversity and physiology of microbes that control trace gas budgets on local, regional and global scales. 
Dr. King is an internationally respected researcher and educator, having authored or co-authored more than 135 scientific publications and the textbook Bacterial Biogeochemistry: The Ecophysiology of Mineral Cycling. He is a member of the American Academy of Microbiology, was a Fulbright Scholar in Denmark and has held several guest lectureships and visiting professorships.  Prior to assuming his position at Louisiana State University in 2007, he was the C.S. Darling Distinguished Professor of Oceanography at the University of Maine where he earned many honors at the University and State levels; these honors included the Outstanding Research Award, Presidential Research and Creative Achievement Award, Graduate Teaching and Research Award and the Distinguished Service Award from the Natural Resources Council of Maine. 
                As a long-time member of the American Society for Microbiology, Dr. King has chaired several committees in Environmental Microbiology for the Public and Scientific Affairs Board.  He has served or is currently serving on numerous editorial boards including FEMS Microbiology Ecology, Frontiers in Microbiology, Applied and Environmental Microbiology and Aquatic Microbial Ecology.  He has been a member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Science Advisory Board, the advisory committee for the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and has led efforts to integrate microbial biology into the National Ecological Observatory Network, (NEON) Inc. framework, which aims to understand and predict consequences of climate change, invasive species and land-use changes at multiple scales.
Dr. King holds a B.S. in Zoology and a Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Georgia.

2013 Registration/Abstract Submissions

ASM 2013 Intermountain Branch Meeting

Registration and Abstract Form is Due March 1, 2013

Conference Registration Includes Lunch:    Œ Student $20.00    Œ Professional $30.00
Œ  Cost is only $15 for Lunch if Branch membership was paid online to ASM National.
Total payment due:  $___________ Make checks payable to:  Intermountain Branch – ASM
Œ  Payment upon arrival         Œ  Payment sent by mail

Personal Information:
Prefix:   Œ Ms.   Œ Mr.   Œ Dr.   Œ Prof.
Name (last, first, middle):                                                                                          
Telephone with area code:
Are you a national ASM member?     Œ Regular     Œ Student     Œ Non-member
National ASM member number:

Presentation Format Request:
Œ Poster   Œ Oral (oral requests will be determined by space and order of receipt)
Œ Undergraduate Student   Œ Graduate Student   Œ Professional
Abstracts should follow ASM guidelines (next page) with no more than 1850 characters
Insert the abstract into this form (please remove abstract example)


Title:  Underline
Authors:  Bold Primary Presenter, Include Contributors, and Maj R. Professor.
Affiliation:  State University, City, State, Zip.

Abstract: Include hypothesis, methods, results and conclusions.

2013 Abstract Guidelines

ASM 2013 Intermountain Branch Meeting

Presentation and Abstract Information
Poster dimensions are 3’ h X 4’ w (maximum size).  Please bring pushpins for setup.
Oral presentations should be in Power Point and will be limited to 12 min with 3 min for questions.

Abstracts should include the following guidelines with no more than 1850 characters
Abstract Rules: Intermountain Branch - ASM Abstract Rules.

Abstracts that do not state the following should be rejected (but the Branch will not):
·         No Hypothesis - The abstract does not clearly indicate the reason for conducting the research and the questions being tested by the experiments performed.
·         Inadequate Experimental Methods - The investigators failed to describe procedures used or neglected to include important or essential controls.
·         Insufficient Data Presented - The investigators failed to show the outcome(s) of their research.  Insufficient data are presented to support the author’s conclusions(s).
·         No Summary Form of Essential Results - The investigators failed to concisely summarize the result(s) of their research.
·         No Conclusion - The investigators failed to describe the conclusions of their research with regard to the hypothesis being tested.
·         Duplicate Abstract - The abstract contents substantively overlap with contents of another submitted abstract by the same author or co-author.
·         Promotional in Nature - The abstract was written to promote a specific product or procedure on behalf of a specific company or organization.  However, an invited company may describe its procedures or services in a neutral, non-competitive context.
·         Poorly Written - Improper use of the English language renders the abstract incomprehensible.

Key Submission Elements
Title - The title should clearly identify the contents of the abstract. Capitalize the first letter of each word except prepositions, articles, and species names. Italicize scientific names of organisms (e.g., Candida albicans).

Authors and Affiliations - Each author is listed separately.  Each name should include first (given), middle initial(s) and last (family) name. You should provide information on each author’s institution/affiliation.  Do not give department, division, branch, street address, etc. when completing the institution information. Enter the City and State/Province (if from the United States or Canada) and zip/postal code.  If an author is from a country other than the United States, be sure to provide this information. Use abbreviations whenever possible.  Designate the presenting author.  Please note that it is a General Meeting policy to list authors using all initials and last name.  A sample author/affiliation listing for publication would be:
G. E. F. Brown, Jr.1, P. J. Smith2, and R. B. Jones1,2, 1CDC, Atlanta, GA and 2Bournemouth Univ., Poole, UNITED KINGDOM

Abstract Text - The text of each abstract should consist of no more than 1850 characters (excluding spaces). Do not include your title and author information as part of the abstract body. The abstract text may be typed in any standard word processing program.  Insert sub or superscripts, boldface, italics, or other required symbols as necessary. Tables, if presented, should be as simple as possible since they will be reduced in size in the final product to fit in a column approximately 2.5" (6.3 cm) in width. Graphics (graphs, pictures, etc.) are not recommended as (1) they are very difficult to properly size in the space available and (2) will be printed in black and white.  Files should be saved as a standard word-processed file.

2013 Driving Directions

ASM 2013 Intermountain Branch Meeting

Driving Directions to Idaho State University


From Boise

  • Drive east on I-86 until you get to Pocatello.
  • Take the I-15 South exit (number 63A) towards Salt Lake.
  • Take the Clark Street/Idaho State University exit (number 69).
  • Turn right on Clark and continue west until 8th Street.
  • Turn left at the stop light on 8th Street and continue until the road bends to Humbolt.
  • Pond SUB is on the west corner of S. 8th Ave and E. Humbolt St.
  • Parking available off of Humbolt next to SUB.

From Idaho Falls

  • Drive South on I-15 until you get to Pocatello.
  • Continue on I-15 to the Clark Street/Idaho State University exit (number 69).
  • Turn right on Clark and continue west until 8th Street.
  • Turn left at the stop light on 8th Street and continue until the road bends to Humbolt.
  • Pond SUB is on the west corner of S. 8th Ave and E. Humbolt St.
  • Parking available off of Humbolt next to SUB.

From Utah

  • Drive North on I-15 until you get to Pocatello.
  • Continue on I-15 to the Clark Street/Idaho State University exit (number 69).
  • Turn left on Clark and continue west until 8th Street.
  • Turn left at the stop light on 8th Street and continue until the road bends to Humbolt.
  • Pond SUB is on the west corner of S. 8th Ave and E. Humbolt St.
  • Parking available off of Humbolt next to SUB.
Please note:  Parking is not restricted on Saturday

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Branch Meeting Documents

Final Program

Oral Sessions (with abstracts)

Poster Session (with abstracts)

2012 Branch Meeting Highlights

Intermountain Branch Meeting 2012

Thanks to all participants from around our region who attended the meeting in Pocatello on April 7, 2012.  We had approximately 140 attendees, who made 18 oral presentations or presented one of the 35 posters. 

Congratulations to the student award winners: Desiree DeMille, BYU, best biomedical oral presentation, Patrick Gygli, ISU, best agricultural/environmental oral presentation, and Michael Barrus, BYU, and Eric Sefing, USU, best posters.  Each student received a check for $200 from the branch and ASM.  The branch also awarded complimentary ASM student memberships to members of the ISU Microbiology Club who volunteered to assist with registration and as session chairs.  Thank you!

We thank Dr. Larry Wackett for traveling from the Univ. of Minnesota to present the branch lecture and spend the day with participants.

In the branch business meeting, current president Dr. Frank Roberto, INL, conducted the election of the 2013 officers slate, including Dr. Linda DeVeaux, ISU, president, Dr. Karen Kesterson, Dugway Proving Grounds, president-elect, Dr. Carolyn Weber, ISU, treasurer, and Dr. David Reed, INL, secretary.  New officers assume their duties beginning in June of 2012.  Dr. Matt Domek, WSU and Dr. Kesterson retain their roles as branch councilors in 2013. 

Next year’s branch meeting will once again be held at Idaho State University, with ISU as the official host, and Dugway Proving Grounds will host the 2014 meeting.  Check this blog for information on the dates for these meetings in 2013.

The full program, including abstracts of oral presentations and posters will be posted here later this week.