Thursday, April 1, 2010

Schedule 2010 Branch Meeting

American Society for Microbiology Intermountain Branch
Annual Meeting
April 10, 2010

8:00 AM  --- Registration/Check-in, Poster set-up

9:15 AM  --- Plenary Session - ASMBL Lecture – Stanley Maloy, San Diego State University

            “From Cowpox to Mini-cells: New Approaches for the Delivery of Safe, Effective Vaccines”

10:30-10:45 --- Break

10:45-12:15  --- Concurrent sessions
            Session A: Virology, Dale Barnard, convener           
            10:45-11:15            Dale Barnard, Utah State
                                    “SARS-CoV Re-visited: Why Re-visit and What Progress Has Been Made?”                       
            11:15-11:45            Michael Kay, University of Utah
                                    “D-peptide Inhibitors of HIV Entry”                                   
            11:45-12:00            Peter Shen, BYU
                                    “The structure of avian polyomavirus reveals pleiomorphic capsids and a putative location of the                              
                                              minor capsid protein VP4”
            12:00-12:15            Daniel Hammond, BYU
                                    “Characterization of Herpes Simplex Virus Clinical Isolate Y3369”
            Session B: Gene expression/Physiology, Bill McCleary, convener
            10:45-11:15            Joel Griffitts BYU
                                     “Two-component signaling in symbiosis”
            11:15-11:45            John S. Parkinson, University of Utah
                                    “How a Bacterial Chemoreceptor Works”
            11:45-12:00            Taylor Oberg, Utah State University
                                    “Physiological Stress Responses to Hydrogen Peroxide in Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. lactis
            12:00-12:15            Natalie Weber, Weber State University
                                    “Optimization of Medium M9 for Escherichia coli
         12:15-1:30  ---- Lunch and poster presentations

1:30-3:00 ---- Concurrent sessions
            Session C: Infection and Immunity, David Erickson, convener
            1:30-2:00            Matthew Mulvey, University of Utah           
                                    “Uropathogenic Escherichia coli: Dealing and Reeling with Nitrosative Stress”           
            2:00-2:30            Yongsheng Ma, Idaho State University
                                    “Virulence Factors and Their Regulation in Streptococcus pyogenes           
            2:30-2:45            Britni Arlian, College of Idaho
                                    “Construction and characterization of an IsdA-cholera toxin A2/B chimera for use as a potential                      
                                                intranasal Staphylococcus aureus vaccine”
            2:45-3:00            Lauren Zagieboylo, Brigham Young University
                                    “IgA ASC Accumulation to the Lactating Mammary Gland is Dependent on VCAM-1 and a4             
            Session D: Applied and Environmental Microbiology (Don Breakwell, convener)
            1:30-2:00            Frank Roberto, Idaho National Laboratories
                                    “Host and viral population dynamics and diversity within acidic Yellowstone hot spring environments”
            2:00-2:15            Danielle Criddle, Utah State University
                                    “The Methylation of Mercury by Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria in the Great Salt Lake”
            2:15-2:30            Blake Dahl, Weber State University
                                    “Molecular Characterization of Halophilic Bacteriophages Isolated from the Great             Salt Lake”
            2:30-2:45            Matthew Crook, BYU
                                    “Identification of a Phage Receptor in the Soil Bacterium Sinorhizobium meliloti
            2:45-3:00            Derek Bunch, Weber State           
                                    “Effects of Salt Concentration on the Growth of Bacteriophage isolated from the Great Salt Lake, UT”
3:00-3:15 ---- Break

3:15-3:45 --- Student awards, Business meeting

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